On 1 August, a group of armed insurgents stormed the Amen Bank agency of Cite Ennour, in Kasserine, and stole 30,000 dinars in cash. No casualties were reported. The car used by the insurgents was sold in the black market a few days before the attack, which suggests that the heist was carefully prepared. A security source revealed that members of the Islamic State offshoot Jund al-Khalifa are the main suspects.

Following the example of Algeria, Tunisia has been clamping down on terrorism supporters in several governorates, including Kasserine, Medenine, Le Kef and Bizerte. As a result, insurgent groups entrenched in those regions are resorting to bank robberies and the ransacking of homes in rural areas. Civilians living near the Algerian border have expressed concerns about the threat of terrorism on various occasions in the last few months.