Nov 21, 2014: Clashes and protests broke out across Cairo between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and security forces this Friday. This is a recurring movement of anger that takes place after Friday prayers. The Matariya neihberhood appears to be the epicenter of protest where pro-Muslim brotherhood elements held up Qurans and Rabaa signs. Similar protests took place in other areas of the city, including the Mohandiseen, Hadayeq el-Maadi and Ain Shams. An explosion also occurred in Matariya, and another explosive device was disabled by security forces in Giza. Matariya is where an 6-year old boy was killed during clashes in late October.

MEA Risk recommends caution, in particular following Friday prayers. During the week, we also caution traveling in and around leading universities, in particular Al Azhar, where protests have been a permanent fixture since the start of the school season.

-End of warning


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