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Shield & Alert’s Beta Testing Features

Incident Location Identification

S&A lets you identify the approximate or precise location of where a critical incident occurred or may be occurring.  No need to check the news, it’s all there.

Incident Notification & Pull Alerts

Receive notifications of critical incidents so you are aware of what is happening near you or near your employees. We call it pull notification because you decide what to receive, when to receive.


Search for Keywords

Want to know how Lassa Fever or Cholera are spreading?  Curious about safety in Tunisia? Want an update on security in northern Mozambique?  No worries, basic keyword search gets you there.

Advanced Queries

Need to check up to two years of data?  S&A has it. You can query on regions, categories, periods and much more.  If you need more than two years, our cloud service can help as far as the data can go.

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Brief Demo (three minutes)

This short three-minute video provides you with a brief listing of features you should expect.  For more detailed demonstration, click on the video further down.

Extended Demo (10 minutes)

This video is an extended demonstration of S&A’s capabilities.

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Beta Testing Process

Beta testing process is simple and intuitive:

1- You sign up
2- We enable you from our back-end admin system to access S&A
3- You install an Apple app called “TestFlight.”
4- You receive an email from Apple with a code that allows you to install the beta version on your iPhone
5- You use S&A as you would for any app
6- You send feedback at your own convenience, and we may send you very short surveys to get your feedback on performance
7- The test will last two months, after which we extend free subscription for another two months.

Enabling Analytics Sharing

For Apple iOS users, it is important to allow us to record crashes when they occur. The most effective way of doing so is to enable sharing crash data with app developers by following these simple steps in your iPhone settings:
Settings > Privacy > Analytics > [please enable] Share iPhone Analytics – [please enable] Share With App Developers

Beta Testing Terms and Conditions

General Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

Partners Wanted

At MEA Risk we believe that collaboration makes winners and is one of most effective ways to go to market. We are looking for partners who can help us bring S&A to a wider audience in a win-win formula.  If interested, click here to find out.

Sign Up Here to Become a Beta Tester

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iPhone beta testing available NOW
Android smartphone testing available November 2018
Continuing here and filling out the beta tester form mean you agree with the terms and conditions of use


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