This is a new episode of the Nigeria Security Review brought to you by MEA Risk LLC.  The podcast looks at the week ending 10 November 2019, during which there were at least 39 critical incidents in Nigeria, tracked by MEA Risk LLC and resulting in 91 deaths. A full third of the incident count came from the Human & Social category, followed by the Criminality category at 25.64%. The MEA Risk instability index for the week ending 10 November was 1.87, a decrease from the previous week as a result of a reduction of violence in the northeast and in bandit activity in central and northwest Nigeria. The index measures the extent of the instability on a scale of 0.5 to 5, where 0.5 means the country or region are risk free, and 5 meaning the region qualifies as a failed state. This week’s index places Nigeria as a Moderate Risk region, but a few points shy from reaching the High Risk zone, red alert. Details of the report is available to clients at