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Sahel: Instability in Burkina Faso

This brief is about the West African and Sahelian nation of Burkina Faso.  Several Western countries have recently issued travel warnings and MEA Risk has issued this first impression and additional comments on those warnings. Burkina Faso is a complex place and is...

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Libya’s Berlin conference: First impressions

The Berlin conference on Libya was an honorable initiative from Germany's Angele Merkel for trying. But we fear it ended with no major progress and clear signs that the violence will not end anytime soon. In this audio briefing, MEA Risk's Arezki Daoud share the first...

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Podcast: The Libyan crisis is getting complicated

The discussion on Libya that follows was recorded on the 10 January 2020. The discussion between MEA Risk’s Arezki Daoud and Alessandro Bruno took place a couple of days before the two warring parties in Libya agreed on a truce. Although there have been some minor...

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Nigeria 15 December stability assessment: High-Risk Zone

A video attributed to ISWAP showed the execution of two soldiers and a policeman carried out 8 December.  In another video, ISWAP executed four more people, all were humanitarian workers believed to have been abducted in July 2019. The victims worked for French aid...

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Mozambique 15 December stability assessment: High-Risk Zone

Insecurity in the gas-rich region of Cabo Delgado has intensified over the past fortnight, ending 15 December 2019.  Attacks by insurgents took place in the village of Litingina in Nangade district, in Matapata near the industrial facilities of the Rovuma natural gas...

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Podcast: Nigeria Security Review, Week Ending 10 November 2019

This is a new episode of the Nigeria Security Review brought to you by MEA Risk LLC.  The podcast looks at the week ending 10 November 2019, during which there were at least 39 critical incidents in Nigeria, tracked by MEA Risk LLC and resulting in 91 deaths. A full...

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Kidnappings in Nigeria, Jan 1 thru March 2, 2017
Counter-Terrorism Operations in Morocco
Illegal Migration Enforcement Operations in Algeria. 4Q2016


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