For the period of 1 July to 7 August 2018, there were 64 critical incidents affecting Libya’s stability rating. Those incidents resulted in at least 18 deaths and 1,004 arrests. As a result, the MEA Risk Incidents Index (or Instability Index) for the period was 1.90. The index measures the extent of the instability on a scale of 0.5 to 5, where 0.5 means the country or region are risk free, and 5 means the region qualifies as a failed state and must be avoided. On the instability scale, Libya remains a High-Risk Zone, as indicated in the graphics within the report posted below.  Although violence remains elevated, Human & Social-related incidents accounted for 28.13% of the period’s total incident pool, highlighting the major social and human issues that the Libyans are confronting on the daily basis. Click below to download the MEA Risk’s Critical Incident Tracker map for Libya in July.




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