North Africa: Persistent Insecurity Wherever You Look

horsesAs we have warned for months and even years, the ongoing, and easily predictable political evolution of North Africa and the Sahel was inevitably leading to a substantial security erosion. Chaos is dangerously settling in and it will take decades, billions of dollars, and substantial efforts to fix the multi-faceted problems the region is facing.

While Egypt has descended into chaos, the political landscape in Libya is no better, and dominated by a low-intensity civil war. Towns from Kufra to Benghazi are witnessing heightened tension.

In Tunisia, there is now an open conflict between secularists and Islamists on one hand, and the Islamist Ennahda party in power against the ultra-conservatives and often violent Salafists. The secular movement is fighting back but is facing huge resistance from the conservatives, with pro-democracy activists, from the feminists to artists being sent to prison.

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