North Africa Cement Sector | Corporate Profile: the Holcim Company

The Holcim Corporation is a Morocco-based company active in the cement business and broad construction materials. The company produces nearly 5 million tons per year. This report looks at the company’s latest results as of mid-2013.  Download the report now.

North Africa Real Estate-Company Profile: Addoha Group

The Addoha Group is a leading real estate development firm based and active in Morocco and currently expanding in Africa. With a land reserve of 6,000 hectares and a construction target of some 200,000 units, how is the company performing and should it be of interest...
Persistent Insecurity in North Africa, Wherever You Look

Persistent Insecurity in North Africa, Wherever You Look

As we have warned for months and even years, the ongoing, and easily predictable political evolution of North Africa and the Sahel was inevitably leading to a substantial security erosion. Chaos is dangerously settling in and it will take decades, billions of dollars,...