Contact Information

MEA Risk can be reached via these mailing addresses:

North America: Mailing Address:
66 West Flagler Street
12th Floor, Suite 1204-A
Miami, FL 33130, USA
Phone: +1-617.286.2058
UK phone: 020.3287.9833

North America: Research Offices:
Our analyst staff is located here.  Any research and consulting correspondence or request should directed to:
MEA Risk Research
1931 NW 150th Avenue
Pembroke Pines, FL 33028
Phone: +1-617.286.2058

Our email general inquiry email address is:
Our Fax: US+305-468-6347

Analysts are available to meet in our regional locations in Algiers, Rabat, Nairobi, Lagos, Cairo, Pemba (Mozambique), Tunis, Istanbul, Johannesburg, and other cities. Please send us a quick email with details.
You may connect with us using the links below:


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