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Desktop & Analytics Platform

The Desktop Platform is a set of tools that combines a cloud-based database, a live feed into a geo-mapping user interface, a set of analytics, a series of alerts and a set of analyst reports accessible from your desktop system via the cloud. It is best suited for analysts with large screens to enable instant visualization of incidents in tracked regions, while accessing statistics and charts. The whole package forms a brand new way of looking at geopolitical crises, above and beyond politics and country ratings as we have known them.  Clients have the ability to visualize incidents as soon as on-the-ground tracker sees them. The Trackers use all their personal and public sources. Some of what they report may even be rumors, which are reported as such. The user interface is a live map that is fed from a live database of incidents. Each incident is rated based on its severity and impact on stability, with reports including the outcome of events in the form of collateral damage. The end result is not only a sophisticated visual interface, but also, and more importantly, a set of analytical reports that leverage the reported data and transform the statistics into rating. Please log in to your account here or learn more here.


Mobile Platforms

TripFence and Shield & Alert (S&A)  are MEA Risk’s mobile application. TripFence is a free mobile atfsapplication that provides both security information on the regions we are tracking, and networking ability to users so as they reach and engage with peers, people and organizations within specific regions.   Our premium application, S&A is a mobile app that leverages GPS and mobile technologies on the iOS and Android platforms to bring critical information right at your fingertips with advanced enterprise security features. Wherever you are, we are. We are your eyes and ears, reporting to you critical events that we come across. Whether you are a traveler, a professional expatriate, a government representative, a researcher or simply a traveler, S&A is a must to keep informed about what is happening around you and avoid risk. Click here to access TripFence and here for Shield & Alert (S&A)


Research, Advisory Services and Consulting

MEA Risk Research unit provides clients with a set of written reports and briefings delivered on a scheduled basis. The reports are scheduled risk and threat assessments, and ad-hoc reports on specific topics, ranging from infrastructure security to migration, from defense-related assessment to economic risk. Samples of threat assessment reports can be found here.


In addition, we offer the following custom service:

Custom training sessions and courses. We have done a number of them for global corporations, the US Defense  Department, the US State Department, and many others in an effort to help executives, managers, military officers, and others understand the environment in which they might or will operate.

Custom research and studies, as well as bullet proofing strategies and policies.

Corporate Vetting Services: MEA Risk Corporate Vetting Services (MCVS) is a business information agency dedicated to producing commercial reports on companies and markets in North Africa, the Middle East and expanding into Sub-Sahara Africa. With an outstanding network of locally-based investigators and trade sources, MCVS provides uniquely comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date reports to assist and support underwriters, corporations, equity investors and risk assessment teams in arriving at safer and better-protected decisions. Our information is meticulously researched and verified by top level analysts with first-hand experience and extensive knowledge of the business community within their regions, combining invaluable in-depth corporate data with unparalleled speed of delivery. Read more here.






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