The year 2018 was a period of turbulence for many, and of hope for a few. And as many key countries hold elections in 2019, there is a great deal of uncertainty as what the future holds for emerging markets.  In particular, several factors will affect changes in countries facing key elections this year, top of which are global economic trends, domestic politics, security and international and regional geopolitics.  Presidential elections’ outcomes will determine how these countries will evolve for several years, even possibly decades, eventually affecting investment trends there.

In this conference call/webcast, MEA Risk will profile four important African countries that have many similarities and many more differences.

  • Algeria, for it is a critical supplier of energy with its oil and gas exports.
  • Tunisia, for it is the first Arab country to have launched an uprising that toppled its president, paving the way for other Arab nations to launch their own revolutions.
  • Nigeria, Africa most populous and one of the world’s major oil exporters will be featured.
  • Finally, in the southern Africa region is Mozambique, a country that has launched an ambitious gas development project, but which is facing a new type of insurgency.

The conference call will review where each of these countries stand today and how they evolved in 2018, before discussing what to expect this year, and even beyond.  The discussion should enhance the knowledge of investors and business executives of companies and organizations that are active or planning to operate in those countries, and by extension Africa as a whole.

Sign up to attend for free. You will be able to access the discussion via phone (select countries) or via the web (worldwide)

Date: Thursday, 24 January 2019
Time: 11:00 AM US Eastern Time   [4:00 PM, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)] Call details to be sent via email, after registration

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