Welcome to Shield & Alert

Shield & Alert is a mobile application designed by MEA Risk LLC to track and deliver information on incidents taking place in Africa and the Middle East. Beta version is now available for Nigeria, Algeria, Libya, Mali, Mozambique and Tunisia, and more countries will be added in the near future. S&A is available on the Apple Store (for iOS devices) and on Google Store (for Android devices). The app lets you know of the incidents and risks in the regions of interest to you, send you notifications, allows your search the cloud database known as the Critical Incidents Tracker, and allow you also to submit the incidents you are witnessing.

Shield and Alert

Mapping | Notifications | And More

A must-have travel companion that allows you to take advantage of the presence of our analysts and trackers on the ground. You will be aware of matters most in concise ways.  You can then reach out to an analyst on the ground to probe for more.


Two introductory videos aimed at showcasing the main features



Several videos are available to showcase the various features of Shield & Alert.  Follow the link to the right.ids

Terms and Conditions

Courtesy access to Shield and Alert is for a period of six months.  After six months, access will be made available on contract basis.  Courtesy access is not available for individuals working for security companies. As such, we require registration email to be that of your company. Upon registering, please allow us up to 48 hours to enable access.  Please make sure you check your spam-box in case emails from @MEA-Risk.com are sent there.  MEA Risk LLC reserves the right to deny access to its propitiatory database and applications based on specific business criteria.