MEA Risk warns travelers to Egypt to be cautious in particular during the day of Friday, November 28th, 2014.

MEA Risk’s Critical Incidents Tracker reports that conservative group called the Salafi Front is calling Egyptians to revolt Friday after dawn prayers to “topple military rule in Egypt.” While many say the call is more a verbal threat than a real one, the Egyptian government is preparing to intervene with a major show of force underway. The Interior Minister hinted that even live ammunition would be used if necessary.

In addition to the risk of confrontation during the demonstration, there is fear of bombs and suicide attacks would take place across various regions in Egypt, with eyes on Cairo and the Sinai, giving an opportunity for Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis to exploit the situation.

Meanwhile, the military central command has raised combat readiness ahead of the November 28 event. Efforts are underway to coordinate the military units of Cairo and Alexandria. Checkpoints will be set up for crowd control and new laws providing greater powers to the government will be used to detain people.

MEA Risk calls travelers for greater caution and to avoid crowds that could be perceived by the Egyptian security authorities as particularly belligerent. Places of large crowds should be avoided, including houses of worship, university campuses and specific neighborhoods.