White Labeling Shield & Alert

Are you offering security services to your clients and want to have your own incident awareness and notification app without the hassle of building one? Building a mobile application and supplying relevant data to maintain it are no trivial exercises.  Let MEA Risk build it for you, host it, maintain it, and even supply data and alerts if you want. All you do is add your own content, occasional or on the scheduled basis, messages (if you want) and pass them to your customers and watch your brand awareness increase. We remain far behind the scene so you will stay on top.

MEA Risk offers to build, manage and host your mobile app. This is going to be a fantastic communications tool with your customers, while providing state-of-art and extremely relevant security information, whether you want to perform occasional communications, send alerts to mobile devices, push for a new analysis, or stimulate the conversation, your customers will appreciate your proactive engagement.

Our hosting capabilities can be spread in three data centers to guarantee continuity. The data centers are in Dallas (Texas), Maryland, and in the West Coast US. We offer white labeling opportunity, which means when we build your app, it is with the same enthusiasm and focus we had when building our app. It is also the same data, that is the same level of alerts and notifications that we take so seriously. Your task is to decide how you would like to supply information into the app. It is optional, we can do that for you as well.

Our name will have no visibility, except in the legal disclaimers as required by law, and with the mention of “Powered by Critical Incidents Tracker. Your brand will capture all the positive feedback from your clients and prospects.

If interested, the process is pretty simple:

(1) we meet to discuss what you are interested in
(2) we agree on the terms of our engagement
(3) we design and roll out the application
(4) we get your approval
(5) we make required changes
(6) we submit to Apple and Google Stores

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