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Partners Wanted

At MEA Risk we believe that collaboration makes winners and is a most effective way to go to market. As such, we are  pleased to make Shield and Alert available to qualified partners to help us bring it to a wider audience in a win-win formula.  If you are a security firm, an association of travel agencies, a large organization with several stakeholders who can benefit from S&A, we offer three options:

1Simple Affiliate Program (SAP): This is a program that offers partners commissions for bringing new customers.  We have the latest technology to track affiliate activity and enable full transparency for partners to enjoy.

2Own Customer Control program (OCC): MEA Risk offers subscription batches of hundreds or even thousands of subscriptions at substantially reduced prices. The partner can decide how to price the subscriptions and how to market them. For example, MEA Risk reduce its price by 30% or more if partner wants to acquire 500 access codes.  The partner can sell those subscriptions at whatever price they want.

3White Labeling (WL):  This is a program that provides you with your own mobile application. MEA Risk creates it, hosts it, and manages it on the back-end, with your identity front and center.  This is a perfect solution for large companies and major associations with large memberships.