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Shield and Alert (S&A) is a premium application on Android and Apple iOS aimed at providing state-of-the art access to security information for professionals on the go or living in areas covered by MEA Risk. The app will be available in the first quarter of 2017, with the aim of providing the following:

    • User has direct access to MEA Risk Critical Incident Tracker databases.  Data is immediately available once the incident is checked and moderated by a manager.
    • User has direct access to historical incidents, dating back three years.  This is a key feature for users who want to have historical view of risk and instability in the country or region of interest, helping them anticipate what may come.
    • S&A pull notifications:  unlike push notification, S&A pull notification system puts the user on the driving seat. It is a user-controlled alert system with the user configuring what (s)he wants to receive and when to receive. Then alerts will be received the moment they are posted in Critical Incident Tracker databases. The user is in full control and does not depend on MEA Risk analyst for push notification.
    • Access to advance search engine querying current and historical data for keywords. This is useful for users interested in incidents based on topics such as “borders”, “migrants”, “kidnapping,” etc.
  • There is plenty more to come.

Who is S&A designed for?

  • Corporate executives
  • Expatriates
  • Diplomatic and consular staffs
  • Law enforcement
  • Academics and international students
  • Travel groups and associations
  • Hospitality and airlines
  • Insurance companies
  • Others

Three-Minute Introductory Video

Ten-Minute Demo Video

Sample Screen Shots