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Introducing Shield & Alert

A Mobile Critical Incident Awareness and Notification System

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Other Components of Shield & Alert

Instant Email Notifier

MEA Risk’s Instant Email Notifier, under the Shield & Alert service is designed to keep security managers, executives, diplomatic staff, international students and teachers, travelers and many others informed of critical incidents taking place in the countries of interest to them. Emails are sent directly from MEA Risk’s Critical Incidents Tracker using propitiatory MEA Risk software the moment they are registered by a local on-the-ground Analyst and authorized by a Regional Manager. The content of the email notification includes MEA Risk’s incident rating, which identifies the threat level. The Analyst and Regional Manager will also include proper recommendations. Follow this link to set up a trial period:


Instant SMS Notifier

In addition to the email notifier, the SMS Instant Notifier is best suited for those who are in remote areas and may not have access to data service or 4G capabilities.  For instance this service is currently being utilized by users in the heart of the Sahara Desert in Algeria and in Cabo Delgado, northern Mozambique where web and data access is restricted or not available. SMS are short notifications that point to critical incidents that may have occurred in the subscribed regions.  SMS messages are sent directly from MEA Risk’s Critical Incidents Tracker using propitiatory MEA Risk software, dispatched via Twilio API. Setup a trial today:

S&A Premium Mobile App

S&A Premium Mobile Application gives you access to everything. It enables users to identify their location on a map, and visualize all critical incidents that have taken place in and around their location. S&A Premium provides clients with configurable and customizable alerts, access to incident databases, simple and advanced querying and search capability, and much more. Although simple in its design in an effort to make its use intuitive, this is a state-of-the art data access and alerting system. Click on any option above to learn more.  More information follows.

Premium Security Assessments

Do you want to know more and receive more than alerts?  Premium Security Assessments are best suited for organizations that need the additional in-depth analysis to monitor and anticipate risk, and go beyond the headlines. MEA Risk Analyst produce scheduled reports that leverage the data compiled by MEA Risk’s Critical Incidents Tracker, and on the ground analysts’ knowledge of the issues and problems. Get samples and find out more here.

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