rolling_dice-225x300Do not take the chance in your MEA ventures. Rolling the dice can be a costly exercise, that’s why we have a stability and risk raking, monitoring and assessment service to help you.

Quarterly Country Stability Ratings are part of our flagship assessment division.

Our Analysts conduct point-by-point analysis of strengths and weaknesses for each of the countries we cover, focusing on the three critical factors of economic, political and human/social dimensions.

The outcome of the work is a country stability rating system, and provides in-depth understanding of country overall security conditions.

In addition to the quarterly country stability ratings, our analysts also produce Flash Alerts. These are documents made available to our subscribing customers, reporting about an ongoing event that may have implications from a political or security perspectives, and therefore on that country’s rating. The alerts provide background descriptions of the events and their potential implications, with recommendations on whether you should act.

To learn more about MEA Risk Country Stability Rating methodology, please follow this link for a brief methodology statement.


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