Map of Terror Incidents in the Sahel

Algeria political crisis outlook: One week before elections, standoff continues, crisis will go on into 2020

MEA Risk Assessment:  Algeria is preparing for its most controversial elections in history. The process is fraught with risk, as the turnout is expected to be the lowest ever. The situation is creating a sense of panic among officials on the civilian side in charge of...

Podcast: Nigeria Security Review, Week Ending 10 November 2019

This is a new episode of the Nigeria Security Review brought to you by MEA Risk LLC.  The podcast looks at the week ending 10 November 2019, during which there were at least 39 critical incidents in Nigeria, tracked by MEA Risk LLC and resulting in 91 deaths. A full...

MEA Risk Alert: Algeria Braces for an Escalation of Unrest

Preview: Now that back-to-school season is behind them, Algerians are shifting their focus on ratcheting up pressure on their government.  Eight months after the anti-regime Hirak movement began, labor unions have decided to take part to the protest, promising an...

Podcast: Nigeria stability review for week ending 20 October 2019

Welcome to this new edition of Nigeria Stability Review,  and the period in review is the week ending 20th of October 2019. For the period of 14 to 20 October 2019, there were 37 critical incidents in Nigeria, resulting in 22 deaths. It was the quietest period in...

Podcast: Nigeria stability review for week ending 13 October 2019

This is a security and stability review for Nigeria for the week ending 13 October 2019, as summarized by MEA Risk Analyst Arezki Daoud. The full report is available to clients either of or at Subscription information is available on...

Introducing Nigeria’s weekly security podcast

This podcast is an introductory review of Nigeria security environment, which will be subject to a weekly podcast. In here, MEA Risk Principal Analyst, Arezki Daoud, reviews the general security environment and makes a brief inventory of critical issues facing Nigeria...


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Mozambique: Municipal elections end with ruling party dominance

The Mozambican Liberation Front (Frelimo) has won Mozambique’s municipal elections in 44 of the country’s 53 municipalities, according to official figures released on 14 October.  Elections took place on 10 October. Only the results from Malema in the north of the...

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Europe wants a proactive North Africa in preventing migrations

There appears to be an uptick in entry of foreign migrants into Europe over the past months.  Although there has been a sizeable decrease of global entries since 2015, the European Coast Guard agency Frontex noticed an increase of refugee inflows on the sequential...

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Presentation: Sources of instability in the Sahel

This is a presentation made by MEA Risk's Arezki Daoud on understanding the sources of instability in the Sahel at a conference of faith-based organizations, held near Kansas City, Missouri, at the end of May 2018. The presentation as posted here includes narrated...

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