Podcast: Algerian military leaders sustaining the political crisis

The Algerian military has lost its capability to maintain a reasonable level of objectivity. Its senior command, directed by General Gaid Salah, is now in intense panic mode after it failed to abort the ongoing anti-government protests.  Such panic mode translates...

Podcast: Algeria political transition update as of 18 June 2019

In this podcast, Arezki Daoud of MEA Risk provides an update on the state of the stalled political transition in Algeria.     Transcript: Rough times in Algeria as the military command pushes for more instability By Arezki Daoud - 18 June 2019:  The...

Algeria: Regime complicates the political crisis in Algeria, insists on unpopular solutions

The Algerian presidential election scheduled by the military command to take place on 4 July 2019 has been cancelled. On Sunday 2 June, the country’s highest court, the Constitutional Council, announced the “postponement” after it rejected the applications of two...

Total’s New African Venture: Risk Analysis

From afar, this looks like a deal made in heaven. French oil form Total will pay US peer Occidental $8.8 billion to acquire the African assets of Anadarko. Occidental’s takeover of Anadarko seems like a good opportunity for the French company to increase its already...

Algeria security note: Inadequate government response to protests could bring economy to complete halt

MEA Risk Security Note: 14 March 2019: Algeria is facing the real possibility of a complete nationwide industrial shut down, should the government fail to ease popular protests and deflate the ongoing political crisis.  An inadequate response would include but not...

Algeria protests shift to the next phase of nationwide strike, as regime ponders what to do

10 March 2019: (audio version above) -  The Algerian popular uprising appears to have reached its next phase. After millions took to the streets across Algerian cities, and continue to do so, the protest movement seems to be shifting to the industrial and business...
MEA Risk Podcast, episode 2
MEA Risk Podcast


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Sahel: Violence escalates, surge of communal conflicts

MEA Risk Security Brief - May 31, 2018: Violence in Mali continues to escalate, making dozens of deaths, including among Tuareg and Fulani civilians caught in a conflict that has no solution in sight. Over the past weekend, some 20 people were killed in the northeast...

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Instability persists in Nigeria

MEA Risk - May 14, 2018; For the period of 7 to 13 May 2018, there were 53 critical incidents in Nigeria, resulting in 134 deaths and 215 arrests. Incidents related to the Human & Social category and the Criminality category accounted each for 24.53% of the total...

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MEA Risk introduces interactive security heatmaps

MEA Risk LLC is pleased to announce the release of its MEA Risk Heatmaps.  The heatmaps are chroropleth maps that leverage the data from Critical Incidents Tracker to provide a clear visual understanding of the risk in countries and regions tracked by MEA Risk...

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