What’s ahead for Mozambique?

For the period of 16 to 31 March 2017, there were 56 critical incidents in Mozambique, resulting in 22 deaths. Truce between the Mozambican government and the RENAMO rebel movement remained intact, providing a clean path to a political resolution to the conflict...
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Algeria Security Week in Review: Week ending April 5, 2017

For the period between 30 March and 5 April 2017, there were 63 critical incidents in Algeria, resulting in two deaths and 326 arrests. This week, criminality incidents accounted for nearly 35% of the total incident pool, followed by human and social crisis and...
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Nigeria security week in review: public health in crisis and Boko Haram on the offensive

For the period of 3 to 9 April 2017, there were 59 critical incidents recorded in Nigeria, resulting in 88 deaths and 192 arrests. Human and social issues took the top spot, accounting for 28.81% of the total incident pool, followed by criminality with 25.42%. The...
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Egypt: ISIS claims attacks on Coptic churches, state of emergency declared

At least 49 people were confirmed dead in today’s (April 9, 2017) attacks on two Coptic churches in Egypt, prompting the Egyptian President to declare a three-month nationwide state of emergency. The attacks, which took place in Alexandria and Tanta, were...
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Algeria report: Health of president & counter-insurgency ops dominate the week

For the period of 9 to 15 March 2017, MEA Risk’s Critical Incidents Tracker recorded 74 critical incidents in Algeria, resulting in four deaths and 438 arrests. Human and social-related incidents and criminality both accounted for 29.73% of the total pool of...
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Mozambique report: Progress toward conflict resolution, but major problems remain

For the period of 1 through 15 March 2017, MEA Risk’s Critical Incidents Tracker reports that Mozambique witnessed 54 critical incidents, resulting in 19 deaths, 200 wounded, and 40 arrests. While security issues have eased, many of the deaths are attributed to...
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Despite economic hardship, defense spending in North Africa & #Sahel on the rise:

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UN, Morocco and the Polisario: Analysis

The North Africa Journal: February 27, 2017: Morocco is to withdraw some troops from Guerguerat, in the contested Western Sahara region. The move is a bid to deescalate tension after Moroccan soldiers breached into the buffer zone established by the UN to keep Morocco... read more

Algeria stability update for first half of January 2017

For the period of 5 to 11 January 2017, there were 71 critical incidents, resulting in three deaths, 39 wounded, and 283 arrests. With 47.89% of the total share of incidents, human and social-related categories remain the foremost source of concern in Algeria... read more

Nigeria’s multiple flashpoints

For the period of 9 to 15 January 2017, there were 45 critical incidents in Nigeria, resulting in 272 deaths and 994 arrests. The Labor, Human & Social category absorbed 26.67% of the total incident pool of the week, followed by Criminality with 17.78%. The... read more

Metrojet crash in the Sinai likely to worsen Egyptian economy

MEA Risk Research Note: The UK government ordered a suspension of flights to the Egyptian resort of Sharm El-Sheikh, as a result of what it believes to be a strong likelihood of a bomb that downed the Russian airplane. Metrojet Flight 9268, a Russian plane carrying...

Should Kenya tighten its belt amid revenue uncertainty?

There is an ongoing debate over a “cash crunch” facing Kenya. But is it a real issue which could affect the Kenyan economic outlook?   This ongoing debate is in line with what we are seeing in other African countries. Currency woes are indeed affecting a...

Maghreb/Sahel: August 2015 Monthly Human Migration Brief

The Maghreb and the Sahel regions continue to struggle with illegal migration.  In most cases, migrants come from other regions such as war-torn Mid East countries and Sub-Sahara Africa, using the Maghreb as a transit platform toward Europe, taking advantage of a...

Egypt: Risk too High, Stability Outlook Remains Negative

In mid-May 2015, a major rating agency upgraded Egypt’s outlook from “stable” to “positive.” The rating agency cited the country’s perceived economic “recovery” as a reason for its decision. Another competing credit agency followed suit by upping its rating of the...

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