Mozambique, a country that has received a great deal of attention and investment thanks to the oil boom is now facing a multitude of problems on the political, economic, social and human fronts.  Here’s the latest from MEA Risk analysts in Maputo and Cabo Delgado: The disclosure of hidden debts worth $1 billion+ is worsening Mozambique’s financial woes. IMF, WB and the UK (soon EU) suspended their financial aid and halted their scheduled disbursements to Mozambique pending an in-depth probe. The… continuereading

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Arezki Daoud
Arezki is MEA Risk’s Chief Executive and Lead Analyst. He overseas all aspects of the company’s development, from the research agenda to growth strategy and day-to-day business activity. Arezki brings a wealth of skills. After college, he worked for oil company Sonatrach, then held research, forecasting and consulting positions for the likes of Harvard University, IDG and IDC. Meanwhile, Arezki founded The North Africa Journal and has been its Editor-in-Chief since its inception. Contact info: | US+508-981-6937

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