MEA Risk LLC is pleased to announce the release of its MEA Risk Heatmaps.  The heatmaps are chroropleth maps that leverage the data from Critical Incidents Tracker to provide a clear visual understanding of the risk in countries and regions tracked by MEA Risk analysts.  The heatmaps are interactive, allowing the user to select a country or a province, select their date range, and display the list of incidents and their respective ratings.  The data is at the provincial level, like states in Nigeria or Wilayas in Algeria.  The data is updated on the continuous basis and the color coding is automated so as to avoid human intervention and to maximize results.

Example of a heatmap follows:


The data used by the heatmap to produce the choropleth comes from the collection of critical incidents recorded by MEA Risk’s Critical Incidents Tracker. The terror and counter-terror components of the Tracker are displayed below. But the tracker currently does include a five incident categories, in addition terror and counter-terror ops, that feed into the heatmap. The categories include: social/human unrest, domestic politics, international politics, criminality, and economic affairs.

Nigeria April 2018 Terror Map

Nigeria April 2018 Security OpsMap

MEA Risk Heatmaps are already available to current subscribers of Critical Incidents Tracker, as an additional module.  Countries with the first version of heatmaps are:

  • Algeria
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia
  • Libya
  • Egypt
  • Mauritania
  • Niger
  • Chad
  • Mali
  • Nigeria
  • Mozambique
  • Turkey
  • Cameroon

East Africa and Saudi Arabia are planned to have their heatmaps in 3Q18, with expansion to other countries coming shortly after.

Organizations interested in learning more, please contact us by clicking on the contact buttons on the bottom right corner of this screen, or by connecting with live with the ‘live support’ button to the left.


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