Introducing MEA Risk Corporate Vetting Services

MEA Risk Corporate Vetting Services (MCVS) is a business information agency dedicated to producing commercial reports on companies and markets in North Africa, the Middle East and expanding into Sub-Sahara Africa. MCVS is a unit of risk tracking and assessment firm MEA Risk LLC.

With an outstanding network of locally-based investigators and trade sources, MCVS provides uniquely comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date reports to assist and support underwriters, corporations, equity investors and risk assessment teams in arriving at safer and better-protected decisions.

Our information is meticulously researched and verified by top level analysts with first-hand experience and extensive knowledge of the business community within their regions, combining invaluable in-depth corporate data with unparalleled speed of delivery.

And in today’s expanding but risky global marketplace our services are increasingly in demand worldwide by export credit insurance companies, trade missions, debt collection agencies, law firms, financial institutions and risk assessment consultants.

Whether your information requirements are for credit checks, risk assessment or as part of a study or survey, MEA Risk Corporate Vetting Services is ultimately committed to fulfilling your individual needs and bringing the Arab and African business world into a clearer perspective for you.

Services at Glance


Working with locally-based sources, MCVS’ team of analysts and editors produce comprehensive corporate status reports, providing vital information for credit risk assessment and underwriting purposes.


MCVS conducts investigations on behalf of clients in the field of personal and corporate due diligence.


This unique service in the Arab world is the definitive key to successful decision-making for mortgage lenders, potential business partners or investors. Information contained in the personal profile covers individuals, either expatriates or Arab and African nationals, employed or undertaking business activities in the region.


These essential information tools enable an accurate evaluation of market conditions and the reliable assessment of any area of business or field of activity in any country within the region.

MEA RISK CORPORATE VETTING SERVICES provides high-quality, freshly-investigated commercial credit reports on companies operating in the Middle East, the Arabian Gulf and North Africa, and expanding into the rest of the continent. Credit information contained in a status report is produced from data drawn from a variety of locally-based sources. Additionally, in-depth analyses are undertaken in-house for every company in their own separate market and geography.

Our comprehensive status reports could be typically used for credit risk assessment and underwriting purposes and include the following vital information:

• Physical information
• Head office location and mailing address
• Telephone, fax, and other contact numbers
• Description of the premises
• Business activities
• Main line of business
• Number of staff employed
• List of international suppliers
• Legal form and associated companies
• Year in which subject was formed
• Registration and license numbers
• Name(s) of shareholders, partners or proprietor
• Financial information
• Share capital/partners’ capital, or proprietor’s invested capital (as appropriate)
• Annual sales, total assets and net profit figures
• Banker’s details
• Appraisal
• General comments, mainly describing the payment trends of the business and an opinion on maximum credit.

These essential information tools enable an accurate evaluation of market conditions and the reliable assessment of any area of business or field of activity in any country within the region, through well analyzed information and data carefully selected from a broad range of economic and financial institutions.


MCVS is uniquely qualified to conduct comprehensive sector report inquiries, and is able to provide vital information needed by investors to evaluate and assess market trends in almost 20 countries in the region by identifying the influence of its existing major players.

Our Sector Reports are an indispensable component of all international business decisions and include information describing the current economic situation of the sector and behavior of the main players on the studied market.


When doing business across borders, an assessment of the economic, financial and political environment of any company or target country is crucial before deciding to enter a new market. MEA Risk Corporate Vetting Services supplies Country Risk Reports which provide the following:

• A complete historical perspective of business, economic, political, industrial and social developments
• Current and recent trade and economic statistics
• The economic outlook for the next six to twelve months
• Comparative tables of recent economic trends
• Latest forecasts
• Investment and privatization
• Trade opportunities and risks
• Local business conditions
• Regulations and legal issues
• Tax and accounting

In today’s dynamic but uncertain economic climate, failure to conduct adequate investigations can subject decision-makers such as lenders, underwriters or equity participants to substantial loss or liability. These risks can be minimized however, provided that timely, accurate information is made available prior to strategic business decisions.
MEA Risk Corporate Vetting Services offers the following areas of due diligence:


When co-operating with local businessmen or prominent figures in the Arab world, the confidential investigation of potential business partners is crucial. MCVS offers a personal due diligence service which principally involves exhaustive enquiries into the background of individuals to establish their past history, business interests and commercial track records.


For investors entering into important transactions or business ventures with a new corporate partner, MCVS provides comprehensive background information including corporate history, business reputation and associates, financial and operating history, litigation records and any identified illegal or unethical practices.


A broad-ranging inquiry service aimed at tracing and locating hidden assets. Although dedicated to operations in the Middle East region, MCVS Company Services conducts searches for assets or equity held by the subject of the investigation on a worldwide basis.


This service assists concerned parties in preparing for litigation or arbitration by providing all relevant background information associated with a plaintiff or defendant.

Covering personal, business and financial details of individuals, expatriate or Arab national, who are either employed or in business independently anywhere in the region, MCVS’s personal profiling service is unique in the Arab world, and is indispensable for potential mortgage lenders, business partners and investors.

The following details are included in our Personal Profile report

• Name, forenames and any aliases
• Residential address and telephone contact numbers
• Present and past employers, position held and salary
• Commercial activities and directorships held
• Professional history and any other known facts
• Outstanding debts and financial commitments
• Ownership of real estate, business shares and stock
• Credit appraisal
• Banking relations if communicated

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