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Critical Incidents Tracker

chatCritical Incidents Tracker is a product of MEA Risk that provides up-to-minute listings and analysis of key events affecting tracked regions.  The service comes through a cloud-based database and a live geo-mapping platform and on-the-ground Analysts reachable almost instantaneously. The visual interface is further enhanced through a set of analytical tools providing a greater degree of intelligence on what countries are facing in dealing with an unstable environment. Follow this link to find out more, or contact us below to discuss accessing the data.  Chat with us live now.

Premium Threat and Stability Assessments

chatMEA Risk Research unit provides clients with a set of written reports and briefings delivered on a scheduled basis. The reports are scheduled risk and threat assessments, and ad-hoc reports on specific topics, ranging from infrastructure security to migration, from defense-related assessment to economic risk. Samples of threat assessment reports can be found here. Contact us below to subscribe.

Shield & Alert Incident Awareness and Notification Platform

chatShield and Alert is MEA Risk’s critical incident awareness and notification platform.  It provides clients with the ability to identify risk in and around them and around their employees, and allows them to receive notifications on ongoing incidents. Shield and Alert, works on three levels” clients can receive email alerts, or alerts via SMS or by installing the S&A mobile application, which works on iOS and Android platforms. Follow this link to find out more, or contact us below to discuss accessing the notification system.

Custom Engagments

chatMEA Risk analysts are available for custom engagements, including strategy briefings, special reporting, custom consulting, speaking sessions, etc. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

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Analysts are available to meet in our regional locations in Algiers, Rabat, Nairobi, Lagos, Cairo, Pemba (Mozambique), Tunis, Istanbul, Johannesburg, and other cities. Please send us a quick email with details.
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