Free Webcast: Maghreb, Sahel and Egypt: Factors of Insecurity, Instability and Emerging Threats


Wednesday, November 4, 2015 at 1:00 PM GMT (13:00) | 9:00 AM US Eastern Time | 2:00 PM London Time
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North Africa and the Sahel have been volatile regions for a long while. Most of the countries there face very difficult security, political, social and economic environments. As governments try to cope with the already destabilizing terrorism, the countries have to deal also with multiple other problems threatening their fragile stability. That includes social discontent, human migration and smuggling, criminality and corruption, crumbling infrastructure and deteriorating economies, among the various problems. Register for free through this link [if you are already registered, please login first]

In this webinar, experts will discuss:

• The biggest issues affecting the Maghreb, Sahel and Egypt. Countries of focus are Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, Niger, Mali, Chad, Egypt
• Geographic analysis of security threats
• A destabilized region and impact on infrastructure
• The challenges of enforcement: Illegal migration/human smuggling, drug trafficking, and criminality
• Security posture for travelers to and workers in the regions, from risk mitigation planning to crisis and reputation management
• What’s ahead?

Key Learning Objectives:

• Develop an appreciation of key factors influencing security and stability in the region
• Understand the risks of operating in the region
• Learn the fundamentals of minimizing risk
• Learn how to stay ahead of the headlines

Who Should Attend:

• Global corporations
• Diplomatic and consular services
• Multinational institution and aid agencies
• Law enforcement and military













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