Critical Incidents Tracker or CIncidents is a product of MEA Risk. CIncidents provides up-to-minute listings and analysis of key events through a cloud-based database and a live geo-mapping platform and on-the-ground Analysts reachable almost instantaneously. The visual interface is further enhanced through a set of analytical tools providing a greater degree of intelligence on what countries are facing in dealing with an unstable environment.

The Service:

CIncidents is a set of tools that combines a cloud-based database, a live feed into a geo-mapping user interface, a set of analytics, a series of alerts and a set of analyst reports. The whole package forms a brand new way of looking at geopolitical crises, above and beyond politics and country ratings as we have known them.

Customers have the ability to visualize incidents as soon as on-the-ground Tracker sees them. The Trackers use all their personal and public sources. Some of what they report may even be rumors, which are reported as such. The user interface is a live map that is fed from a live database of incidents. Each incident is rated based on its severity and impact on stability, with reports including the outcome of events in the form of collateral damage. The end result is not only a sophisticated visual interface, but also, and more importantly, a set of analytical reports that leverage the reported data and transform the statistics into rating.

Live Visual Geo-Map:


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Our database capabilities provide us with a new way of looking at risk and country stability. We use a combination of science and arts, bringing together a series of analytics and intelligence to comprehend events in a more objective way.


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Sample analytics and outputs

Sample analytics and output types

CIncidents’ Instability Heat Map:

The Heat Map provides an index of instability at any given time and for any region. It is the perfect companion and a must have for business travelers and for companies that have assets in those regions. CIncidents’ Instability Heat Map is interactive, with data being fed by Analysts and vetting by senior researchers. Customers can receive alerts any time our Trackers consider an event to be critical.


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CIncidents Instability Heat Map

CIncidents Instability Heat Map

In addition to the geo-mapping visual interface and the analytics, special reports are made available to subscribers, including immediate alerts and travel alerts.

Countries/Regions Covered:

We started our service with the main Maghreb countries and expanded to include the Sahel. We are in the process of launching Egypt and East Africa in the mid-Fall 2014.

Today we cover:


November 2014 expansion include:

– Egypt
– Kenya
– Uganda
– Tanzania
– Rwanda
– Burundi
– Ethiopia
– Sudan
– South Sudan
– Somalia

In January 2015:  West and Centra/Southern Africa
Method and People:

CIncidents rely on Analysts and Trackers located in the regions that are monitored. The Trackers are well versed on all sorts of issues specific to the countries they cover, and have the language skills to provide either concise summaries or in-depth reports. In addition to the Trackers, CIncidents rely on subject experts to help make sense of events on the ground. These experts can be within the covered countries or abroad, but they must demonstrate excellent knowledge of the subject at hand.

Who Should Use CIncidents and Why:

CIncidents is designed to be used by professionals active in various government, military, corporate, and academic sectors. This service is of a particular interest to multinational institutions. We offer free data to human rights organizations and NGOs that have an interest in social and human issues.  CIncidents is the only such product available in the market. It is comprehensive, objective, and highly analytical.

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