Week ending Sunday Aug. 16, 2015

Week of August 10 to August 16, 2015 (c)  All data is sourced to MEA Risk’s Critical Incidents Tracker and Shield & Alert...

C’Incidents Altert: Egypt’s Impossible Road to Stability

If these past 30 days were an indication of where Egypt stands in terms of stability, the situation is dire. Although the country that has many friends, backers and supporters, including the Golf monarchies and a rating agency that just upgraded Egypt to stable, the...

Maghreb/Sahel Instability Review for Week ending Sept14

The week ending September 14, 2014 was characterized by the proliferation of military and insurgent-related activity in Libya, Mali, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Libya witnessed deadly confrontations in Tripoli, politically-motivated assassinations in Benghazi and...

Top-10 Deadliest Regions in Maghreb/Sahel

Tallying the figures of terrorism and/or politically-motivated killings shows again that Libyan cities were the deadliest in August. The chart below provides a visual of the cities/regions that are facing severe level of violence.  
Month in Review: August 2014 CIncidents Analysis

Month in Review: August 2014 CIncidents Analysis

MEA Risk is please to announce the release of its month CIncident Monthly Analysis for August 2014. The report is available for a short period of time as a courtesy document. This is one of two major monthlies, this one reviews the four main Maghreb nations. The...
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