Last week’s cycle ending on Sunday, September 28, 2014 has been a contraction of the number of fatalities due to politically-motivated crises in the Maghreb/Sahel region. The figure of 51 deaths is in line with historicals of pre-mid July 2014. That figure was far from the peak of 298 recorded during the second week period, ending Sept 14, 2014.

But as we close the month of September, this last Monday is turning out deadly for the region.



While the international press pick up last week beheading of a French tourist in Algeria, a lot more suffering is happening in the region and as we close Monday, 9/29/14 we recorded 9 killings in Libya and the gruesome discovery of 20 corpses.

In one of the killings, one in Tripoli was apparefatalities to sept 29, 2014ntly the result of a disagrement among two factions of the Islamists Libya Dawn. An RPG was apparently used to settle scores.

In Benghazi, five were killed when a Libya Airlines office was attacked.

Violence is not just facing the northern regions, the south too is affected. In Sabha, in the south-central section of the country, clashes are underway between the Aouled Sulaiman tribe and their Gaddafa foes. The people of Aouled Sulaiman accused the Gaddafas of killing one of their own.

Collectively, the Maghreb & Sahel regions reached a five-week high in the C’InDex, putting it as a “High-Risk Zone.” MEA Risk recommends extreme caution when traveling to the region> MEA Risk’s HeatIndex shows that particular security attention has to be put in place if traveling to, within and around the following regions:

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