Over the past two years, Mozambicans have been negotiating peace and on how to implement democracy in a country that has long been dominated by a single party. The Frelimo party-dominated government appears to have reached a deal with the opposition Renamo party and its armed branch. The next step is to hold a presidential election at the end of this year. Listen to a discussion between MEA Risk analysts Arezki Daoud and Alessandro Bruno on what challenges Mozambique is facing.

At least two things are working in favor of Mozambique: there is an ongoing political process to bring peace to a country that has been destabilized by a civil war, and the country may be home to one of Africa’s biggest gas reserves. But the southern African nation is facing major obstacles, two of which are the debt its officials contracted but which was never reported, creating lack of confidence in the way the country is governed, but most importantly, there has been growing violence in the north, precisely where the gas reserves are located.