MEA Risk Launches Nigeria Critical Incidents Tracker

Miami, US & Nairobi, Kenya: June 10, 2015 | MEA Risk West Africa is pleased to announce the official launch of Nigeria Critical Incidents Tracker. The Tracker is now available for customers who are looking to stay abreast of security and stability-related incidents in the country.

The Tracker records events that have an impact on both stability and security, categorized under seven groups. They are: terrorism, defense/security, domestic politics, human and social crises, economic crises, international affairs, and criminality. The data feeds into a live geomapping desktop platform and is also pushed to customers’ mobile platforms via iOS and Android apps (available this summer).

“The launch of the Nigeria Tracker has been a priority for us considering the critical important of that country in the African and global economic contexts,” says Musyoka wa Kyendo, head of MEA Risk Sub-Sahara Africa. “Nigeria is a big nation with complex issues and we endeavor to track these issues not only to help our customers mitigate risks, but to also provide a more precise picture of the risk environment for government decision makers as well.”

“We are pleased of the progress we’ve made so far, and we have fast-tracked the launch of the Nigeria Tracker per request of our customers,” says Arezki Daoud, MEA Risk CEO. “We are confident that the Tracker now represents a must-have reliable tool for those looking to have an immediate glimpse of risk in Nigeria and use this information to safeguard their human and financial capitals in what one of Africa’s biggest economies.”

To learn about MEA Risk services, including the Nigeria Tracker, please contact us here.

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