Management Team

Chief Executive and Lead Analyst
Arezki Daoud | Boston

Arezki DaoudArezki Daoud is MEA Risk’s Chief Executive and Lead Analyst. He is also the founder and current Editor of The North Africa Journal. He oversees all aspects of MEA Risk research and country risk tracking activity, focusing on Africa. Arezki studied oil, gas and international economics in Algiers and Boston. He previously worked for oil company Sonatrach, then held research, forecasting and consulting positions for Harvard University, International Data Group and IDC. As an expert on North African affairs, Arezki delivers presentations on North African affairs to a wide range of institutions, including global corporations, conferences, think thanks such as Washington DC’s Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), media such as CSpan, associations such as the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), etc. He has been a commentator in the international press, from Al-Jazeera TV and CTV News to CBS Radio and many newspapers. Currently based in Boston, Arezki was born and raised in Algeria and witnessed the rise of religious fundamentalism in the late 1980s, bringing a unique perspective to conflict analysis. Contact info:  |  US+508-981-6937

Vice President Research / Senior Analyst 
Alessandro Bruno | Toronto

Alessandro BrunoAlessandro is a MEA Risk’s Vice President of Research and lead executive in Canada. He is responsible for content development and advisory services. Alessandro was also an analyst in the global investment banking sector for a leading international advisory group responsible for putting sustainability and corporate responsibility on the finance map; specializing in aerospace, transportation, energy, and mining sectors. As a Deputy Editor of The North Africa Journal, Alessandro has been published extensively and is a frequent guest on television news programs including the BBC, CBC, and CTV. Alessandro has served as a United Nations officer in North Africa. Contact info: | US: +1-305-901-6389 |  UK: +020.3287.9833

Dr. Norman Ricklefs | Dubai/Sydney/Baghdad

Dr. Norman RycklefsDr. Norman Ricklefs is the head of NAMEA Group, and an Advisor to MEA Risk LLC. Mr. Ricklefs served in Iraq from 2005 to 2011, in various different roles as an analyst and advisor to the Australian and US militaries, and from 2007 embedded within the Iraqi Government as an advisor. From 2009-2010 he was the senior advisor to the Iraqi Minister of Interior. Dr Ricklefs, an Arabic speaker, was an integral part of the minister’s staff during a time of considerable change as the US military withdrew from the cities and handed control over to the Iraqi security forces. He became a trusted friend and confidant of the Interior Minister and was involved in both his duties as a public official and his political activities as the leader of a major centrist political group. Dr Ricklefs  founded a consultancy and lobbying group in Dubai called Iraq Advisory Group and currently heads the NAMEA Group.

Vice President, Africa Business Development | Sub-Sahara Africa Track | East Africa Zone
Musyoka Fred Kyendo | Nairobi, Kenya

Musyoka KyendoFrom Nairobi, Kenya, Musyoka’s task is to develop our Sub-Sahara Africa-wide Analyst infrastructure while overseeing data collection and dissemination as well as research specific to East Africa.  Musyoka is an experienced researcher and publication editor, having been head of research on economic issues, while tracking investment flows in Africa’s infrastructure sector. Musyoka is a well-know media commentator and makes frequent appearances in Kenya TV. Contact info: | US: +1-305-901-6389 |  UK: +020.3287.9833


Managing Director & Principal Analyst, West/Central Africa
Vincent Nanna | Cotonou, Benin

Vincent NannaVincent is a veteran Analyst and reporter on African affairs. He has worked as correspondent and analyst for the BBC World Service and has held editorial positions with various institutions, including Emanuel TV in Lagos, Nigeria. Vincent is in charge of tracking and monitoring the large West and Central Africa sub-region and is currently working to develop MEA Risk infrastructure there. Contact info: | US: +1-305-901-6389 |  UK: +020.3287.9833


Managing Director & Principal Analyst, Southern Africa Zone
Kingsley Ibokette | Johannesburg, South Africa

Kingsley Kingsley heads MEA Risk’s Southern Africa unit, from Johannesburg, South Africa. Since 2009, Kingsley has been the Regional Administrator Southern Africa for Business Times Africa Magazine, helping the brand growth expand its presence in over eighteen African countries and beyond.  As such he is uniquely qualified to manage MEA Risk Southern Africa business. As part of the leadership team, Kingsley’s primary responsibilities include building a team of trackers for the southern region and oversee research and product delivery to our customers specific to the Southern Africa zone. Contact info: | US: +1-305-901-6389 |  UK: +020.3287.9833

Vice President of IT and Technology Platforms
Chetan Sharma | New Delhi, India

Chetan SharmaChetan is responsible for the development, maintenance and and future growth of MEA Risk’s propitiatory technology platforms. That includes designing all the components of the user interface, the databases, the analytics system, and the tools used by our analysts on the ground to capture and disseminate information. This includes also the tools used by our customers.  He is currently overseeing the expansion of our services to the next generation of mobile platforms. Chetan’s role is critical not only in designing the backbone of our core activity, but he is central in selecting technologies and vendors, and in influencing what we, as a company, can and cannot do. With 14+ year of experience in Mobile & Software development, he has played many roles as a Project Manager, Business analysts, and has been a Operations Head of a CMM Level 3 Software company. He has worked on almost all the technologies prevalent in the industry and always keeps updated with new technologies and trends. He has consulted for top blue chip companies including , PEPSI CO, Max New York Life Insurance , Max Bupa Health Insurance, AVIVA, Frito Lay, Apollo Hospitals, Qatar Airlines, and many more, completing more than 2,500 projects. Contact info: | US: +1-305-901-6389 |  UK: +020.3287.9833

Vice President Customer Relations and Service Quality 
Denny Cristina Peralta | Miami

Denny PeraltaOur success depends on the quality of our products and people. And so we want to have the eyes and ears of our customers in our midst. Denny is tasked to be the advocate of our clients. As a senior member of our team, she brings strong experience having worked in the high-end luxury goods market, a sector that requires a great deal of details and attention. She comes to us from the highly competitive Miami market where winning the trust of demanding customers is what made her successful.  Denny oversees customer relations and makes sure they are constantly in our minds. Denny is fluent in English and Spanish. Contact info: | US: +1-305-901-6389 |  UK: +020.3287.9833

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