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We provide industry-tailored solutions with focused on the following:


=> Government & multinational agencies

With so many diplomatic, political, and economic events happening around the world, MEA Risk, CIncidents and Shield & Alert are a must. The data generated from CIncidents and the analysis that comes with that are an important tool for ambassadors,their staffs, staff in foreign affairs ministries, and in related institutions. Reseach, tracking and monitoring can be tailored to meet customer requirements.
=> Defense/military & enforcement

A substantial component of MEA Risk and CIncidents is the security environment affecting the region. Our service tracks not only what insurgents are doing, but what are the responses put forward by local governments.

=> Insurance/financing sector

Investing and exporting abroad often require the use of a country’s export insurance protection. MEA Risk and CIncidents are excellent tools to stay ahead of the events and prepare for what’s to come.

=> General industry

For companies that have operations on the ground, providing with up-to-date information on security and risk in the country could be a major tool to avoid trouble and understand issues affecting local markets. These alerts and custom-tailor programs help customers protect their employees and assets.

=> Travel industry

Anticipating a crisis before it takes place, or being alerted as a problem arises before a trip is a must-have tool for the travel industry. Whether you cater to leisure traveler or business traveler, we can tailor a program that fits your needs. We investigate local hotels, local sites and cities, we rate facilities, and keep an eye transit and transport systems.

=> Oil, gas, & mining

MEA Risk is putting additional emphasis on the extraction sector. This is because a great many of the sites and facilities involved in the extraction business are isolated and need additional attention.

=> Media

Keeping track of fast evolving events could be a daunting task. MEA Risk makes this task easy with an intuitive user interface, summarized information,
and alerts to keep you ahead of everyone else.

=> Academia

Academic researchers, teaching staffs and their students will find MEA Risk and CIncidents as excellent products that they could use to in their academic work.

=> Secular NGOs

MEA Risk provides limited free data to secular agencies that focus on human development and human rights. NGOs must not be affiliated to a religious institution to qualify for free data.



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