Stability Assessment: Algeria Confronted with Security and Governance Issues

This week, the Algerian government has taken extraordinary steps in asserting its control in what many interpret as an overreach of power. The temporary shutdown of the Internet across the country, the arrest of a TV Manager and two other employees, the probe launched...
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Egypt: Ramadan 2016 mid-point stability and security analysis

Egypt seems to be going through a quiet period as we reach the mid-point of Ramadan this year (2016). Terror activity, although still a major issue specifically in North Sinai, has eased in most of the country, all while the military remains highly aggressive in its...
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Algeria Threat Assessment for Week Ending May 11, 2016

For the period of May 05, 2016 to May 11, 2016, there were 51 critical incidents in Algeria, as recorded by MEA Risk’s Critical Incidents Tracker, resulting in 13 deaths, 2 wounded, and 59 arrests. As a result, the MEA Risk Incidents Index (CIncidents Index) for...
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Mozambique in Transition

Mozambique, a country that has received a great deal of attention and investment thanks to the oil boom is now facing a multitude of problems on the political, economic, social and human fronts.  Here’s the latest from MEA Risk analysts in Maputo and Cabo Delgado: The...
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Nigeria: Militants shift into action, target oil companies, and promise more

On February 23rd, 2016, MEA Risk issued an alert specific to the militant group Niger Delta Avengers announcing plans to up its attacks on oil infrastructure. The group has been lamenting lack of social and economic progress for the local population and has vowed to...
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Brief-Egypt: Militants kill 8 policemen

Eight policemen, include an officer were killed by gunmen in Cairo’s Helwan area. The men were getting into a bus when four militants attacked them in a drive-by shooting mode. The plainclothes policemen were said to be operating a checkpoint in a minibus near...
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Libya: UK Air service to intervene in Sirte in upcoming weeks

Libya, Sirte. April, 25, 2016. According to the UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon, members of the British Special Air Service will join US, French and Italian counterparts in an intervention against the Islamic State in the city of Sirte, where at least 5,000... read more

Mali: Ansar Dine claims kidnapping of Red Cross staffers

MEA Risk, Kidal, Mali. April 21, 2016. The pro-Al Qaeda group Ansar Dine, led by the Malian Jihadist Iyad Ag Ghali, has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of three Malian collaborators of the International Red Cross in the region of Kidal. Nouredine Ag Mohamed,... read more

Tunisia: Police disperse Petrofac protest in Kerkennah, riots ensue

MEA Risk – Tunisia, Sfax. April 15, 2016. Riots broke out in Kerkennah, governorate of Sfax. It started when 30 protesters, who were intoxicated at the time according to local sources, blocked 6 trucks belonging to the British oil/gas company Petrofac to demand jobs. The police intervened, using tear gas to disperse the crowd. By sundown, 300 rioters were engaged in clashes with the police. At least 6 policemen and 2 citizens were wounded. The situation has returned to normal in Kerkennah, but tension remains palpable as locals are still frustrated at the dispersal of the unemployment sit-in protest outside of the Petrofac HQ ten days ago.

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Algeria: 4 troops killed in insurgent ambush in Constantine

MEA Risk – Constantine- Algeria. April, 15, 2016. Four army troops were killed in an insurgent ambush this morning in the mountains of Djebel el-Ouahch in Constantine, 200km west of the Tunisian border. According to our sources, the army troops were engaged in a... read more

Broadcast: Europe’s Radicalized Muslim Population

Europe’s integration policies related to its immigrants have been less than effective in stemming the rise of extremism. Decades of misconceived immigration strategies have led to the rise of radical movements, to the point now that new measures to strip the...

Oil prices & the impact on Sovereign Wealth Funds Libya as a case

The drop in oil prices in the last 12 months has taken markets and investors by surprise. State institutions such as Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF) have been affected and state budgets have suffered. SWF will grow slowly and in many cases will see some of their assets...

The Other Time Bomb: Food Dependency in Middle East/North Africa

North Africa’s stability is not only undermined by the terror risk coming from Daesh and other insurgency groups, but it is also more acutely affected by broad governance issues and its inability to deal with pressing economic, social and environmental problems. One...

How Algeria’s new budget may lead drug trafficking to soar

The recently adopted budget for fiscal year 2016 has been subject to vivid opposition from several political figures and civil society associations ever since a draft version was made released in late 2015. Developed on the basis of a reference price of $37 the barrel...

Metrojet crash in the Sinai likely to worsen Egyptian economy

MEA Risk Research Note: The UK government ordered a suspension of flights to the Egyptian resort of Sharm El-Sheikh, as a result of what it believes to be a strong likelihood of a bomb that downed the Russian airplane. Metrojet Flight 9268, a Russian plane carrying...

Should Kenya tighten its belt amid revenue uncertainty?

There is an ongoing debate over a “cash crunch” facing Kenya. But is it a real issue which could affect the Kenyan economic outlook?   This ongoing debate is in line with what we are seeing in other African countries. Currency woes are indeed affecting a...

Maghreb/Sahel: August 2015 Monthly Human Migration Brief

The Maghreb and the Sahel regions continue to struggle with illegal migration.  In most cases, migrants come from other regions such as war-torn Mid East countries and Sub-Sahara Africa, using the Maghreb as a transit platform toward Europe, taking advantage of a...

MEA Risk's Corporate and Government Premium Services

Critical Incidents Tracker

Critical Incidents Tracker or CIncidents provides up-to-the-minute listings and analysis of key events through a cloud-based database and a live geo-mapping platform managed by on-the-ground Analysts reachable almost instantaneously. The visual interface is further enhanced through a set of analytical tools providing a greater degree of intelligence on what countries are facing in dealing with an unstable environment.

Shield & Alert Travel Security Companion

Provides coverage in the region and area of interest to you. Whether you just landed at a local airport for business, you have been  assigned as a diplomat, you are an expatriate, etc.. S&A Premium is a must have tool.

Instant Alerts, Weekly Threat Reports and Monthly Risk Assessments and Outlook

MEA Risk Analysts and Trackers deliver a variety of reports, starting with automated alerts via text, SMS, iOS, and Android platforms. Regardless where you are, you are kept informed of ongoing crises, from riots and security operations, to criminal and terror attacks, and much more.  MEA Risk also delivers weekly threat assessment reports. On the monthly basis, we produce Risk Review documents that go beyond the day-to-day coverage and expand into broad factors of instability from economic to political and social factors. These reports are either emailed to clients and/or stored in our servers for client fetching.

Custom Engagements

When it comes to analyzing, researching and reporting on instability and crises, MEA Risk is able to configure and undertake any type of project on the custom basis. Whether it is lecturing and giving courses, assessing a region’s security position, doing live presentations, etc, MEA Risk has the expertise and the staff to deliver state-of-the art products. Contact us.

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